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SCL34 - Matrix Leads - Arturia Matrixbrute

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 14,00 €
This collection includes 16 sounds programmed directly on the Arturia Matrixbrute. The package contents various leads, pads, organ in single sounds and splits... 16 new sounds!!!
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Finally the first Leadsounds collection for Arturia Matrixbrute synthetizer. This collection includes great lead sounds (from aggressive to soft, from delayed to mooghis), pads, spacesounds, synth brass and clav and more!

Patches and performed by Paolo Nox for Leadsounds.

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Patches List:

01.GoLead: big and aggressive lead
02.GoDropsaw: unison hypersaw lead
03.GoSkizolead: another rock lead, less aggressive than GoLead patch
04.Cairo-THR: theremin lead
05.Mooote: moogish lead
06.Space canon: dual split, space synthbass and organ lead
07.1999 Brass: classic 90s synthbrass
08.Hyperclav: big synthetic clavi, use staccato technique for best results
09.Distorganic: big evil distorted organ-like sound
10.Horror house: dual split, effects and spooky organ
11.Quack fifth: the name says it all :)
12.Alpha centauri: spacey sound
13.Scotland train: dual split, running train and bagpiges
14.Stalker: dual split, inspired by the movie "Stalker"
15.Squared: classic square lead
16.Piiing: jumping square with delay


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