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INTRODUCTON   I’d like to introduce this section focusing on the old glories, unique machines which are nowadays almost out of reach, in terms of price and / or availability. I wanted to share my studies and researches on the keyboards that made the history: Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Pianet, ...

INTRODUZIONE   Una piccola introduzione a questa rubrica focalizzata sulle vecchie glorie del passato, macchine insostituibili ed ormai pressoché inavvicinabili, causa prezzo o reperibilità. Viene spontaneo condividere su questo portale il materiale di questi miei studi (o, meglio, ricerche) su ...

Synthonia by S4K is an online resource dedicated to all keyboard players and developers of applications for electronic musical instruments.

We would like to hear from any sound designers who have the knowledge and experience to design professional quality sounds using different synthesis engines and workstations and would like to make them available for purchase under the Synthonia brand. All sounds will be evaluated by our team before being accepted.

Joining Synthonia will enable you to have your apps or your patches easily accessible by a vast number of potential buyers. Selling your patches directly through our Marketplace is easy and allows you to earn SynthCoins that you can use to buy musical instruments or other software packages. Be a Pro... Be Synthonized!

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Produce your own sound / patches for your synth

Produce a short audio demo of your collection

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Follow our guide to build your Sound Pack

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Give a price to your sound pack

You will EARN the 66% of each sold pack in SynthCoins!
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Produce a video. You can play a demo of a synthesizer, a song or anything else

Follow our guide about the specs of the file

Send us your video. We will check it and load it onto our channel

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Follow our guide about the specs of the files

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You will EARN the 66% of each sold pack in SynthCoins!
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SynthCoins SynthCoins (SC) are the Synthonia currency: they may be used to download our contents (sound packs, lessons) and purchase goods (musical instruments, gadgets) as an alternative to real currency (Euro).

You may accumulate credits in SynthCoins with your activities on our site. For instance you can earn SC by publishing articles (tutorials, reviews and so on) on our blog, by publishing your videos on our YouTube channel and by selling your sounds on our platform. Or you may get SynthCoins by simply buying goods on our site and getting a 5% payback in SC.

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Register FREE and get 5 SynthCoins BONUS!
Earn other 1 SynthCoin for each friend who joins the community!

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